About Corp Placements

Founded in 2003, CORP PLACEMENTS has grown to become one of the leading permanent recruitment services operating out of Bangalore and servicing clients all over India.

Services Offered at Corp Placements

  • Permanent Placements
  • Contract Staffing
  • Recruitment Advertisement
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Career Services

Resume Writing

A winning resume that recruiters shortlist

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Job Interview Coaching

We prepare you for the unexpected

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Career Counselling

Get neutral and unbiased advice

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Student Services

Applying to an academic program?

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“Clients” with Corp Placements can be categorized in these
broad areas mentioned.

  • Services Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
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Permanent Placements

“Corp Placements” strives to the best of the ability to ensure that the candidates placed remain “permanent” and try and do justice to this service...

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Contract Staffing

Candidates in the rolls of Corp Placements but working for Clients. We have a few candidates employed as contractors working in reputed firms on a temporary basis...

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Executive Search

Corporates, in the current scenario have the skill to make prudent manpower decisions and this is a major contributor to the competitive advantage...

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Need Resume Writing?

Get a World Class Resume That Opens Doors for you.

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  • Looking for a change.
  • Seeking to understand if your resume is impactful.
  • Wanting to find out if at all you need to shift jobs?
  • Needing to understand the best career options for your profile and personality.
  • Looking for interview/career tips.
  • Thinking that you are under-utilized and not paid appropriately.
  • Believing that you are destined to a better opportunity.
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