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Corporates, in the current scenario have the skill to make prudent manpower decisions and this is a major contributor to the competitive advantage.”Corp Placements” - Executive Search practice - concentrates on assisting clients achieve this leadership advantage through profiling, identifying, assessing and recruiting talented business leaders.

At a glance, our executive search process resembles others. However, we strive to provide a different flavour and experience to the clients in this entire process.

    Head of India Operations

  • Empowered by a CA based MNC to recruit the India CEO.
  • CORP PLACEMENTS did a thorough research on the Industry, Company business verticals, competitors.
  • To figure out prospects for this position.
  • Identified, contacted and interviewed a few and shortlisted five candidates to present to the board.
  • Organised VC's, Telephonic discussions before a final round of personal meeting.
  • Conducted a reference check on the shortlists
  • Negotiated basis standard international benchmark rates for this position.
  • Finally follow up on the joining.

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