Permanent Placements

“Corp Placements” strives to the best of the ability to ensure that the candidates placed remain “permanent” and try and do justice to this service. In the current scenario, candidates would want to advance in their career by frequent shift in their jobs for one reason or the other thus resulting in a high attrition and higher HR acquisition and retention costs.

Corp Placements strives to do justice to the client and the candidate by providing the right direction to the candidate and suitable candidates to the company.

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  • Looking for a change.
  • Seeking to understand if your resume is impactful.
  • Wanting to find out if at all you need to shift jobs?
  • Needing to understand the best career options for your profile and personality.
  • Looking for interview/career tips.
  • Thinking that you are under-utilized and not paid appropriately.
  • Believing that you are destined to a better opportunity.
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